exclusively purposed.

Plantain leaf extract is known to have antiseptic properties that can be used to promote skin health in damaged skin and prevent secondary infections. Due to the antiseptic properties plantain leaf extract oil is an ingredient in our topical use products.

Advantages of plantain.

Published by the University of Michigan in the Michigan Medicine health library, plantain leaf extract oil can be directly applied to burns, insect bits and stings, and general open wounds to supplemental in assisting the body to rejuvenate damaged skin. Plantain leaf extract is considered to be a gentle and soothing expectorant.

Responsibly sourced.

Commonly grown all over the world plantain leaf can be easily found from Eurasia to South America . To ensure that our dried plantain leaf have been properly dried, stored, and sourced to avoid mold and ecosystem harm from where they can be found, Holistody works directly with Mountain Rose Herbs to ensure that our ingredients are Certified Organic and Kosher Certified.