comfrey root


exclusively purposed.

Comfrey root* is believed to revitalize tired, aged, and wrinkled skin.   Due to the anti-aging properties comfrey root extract oil is an ingredient in our topical salve applications. 

*Do not ingest, meant only for topical use.

Advantages of comfrey root.

Comfrey root has been researched by the University of Liverpool and proven to contain high levels of allantoin which has been labeled as an "anti-aging" agent to assist with topical skin care. When comfrey root extract is used on skin, the high levels and contents of antioxidant components with vitamin C can assist with speeding up skin rejuvenation from rashes and irritations. The high levels of antioxidants assist in limiting the levels of free radicals, which can damage skin.

Responsibly sourced.

Commonly grown in Europe and various regions in Asia such as the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Siberia, and Turkey, comfrey plants are commonly found as a weed in temperate northern latitudes.  To ensure that our dried comfrey roots have been properly dried, stored, and sourced to avoid mold and ecosystem harm from where they can be found, Holistody works directly with Mountain Rose Herbs to ensure that our ingredients are Certified Organic and Kosher Certified.