exclusively purposed.

Just as bees utilize beeswax as the building foundation for their honeycombs and homes, beeswax is a fundamental ingredient for the creation for our products.

Advantages of Beeswax.

​Beeswax is a vital ingredient for cosmetics including but not limited to lotions,  balms, and salves. When responsibly sourced, beeswax adds a delightful scent and natural coloring to products that keeps your skin moisturized and rejuvenated. If that's not enough, beeswax also naturally includes Vitamin A which is an antioxidant and collagen production booster to keep your skin looking radiant.  Furthermore, beeswax acts as a  physical natural protective barrier that allows your skin pores to breath unlike synthetic ingredients such as petroleum based emulsifiers.  

Responsibly sourced.

What does it mean to responsibly source beeswax? Doesn't it just come from bees and easily sourced? Not many people understand the importance that bees play in our ecosystem and agriculture. Bees are the biggest medium in the efforts of pollination to many fruits and vegetables that you love to eat, simply put, you can say they are professional farmers.

By destroying their homes and colonies, we run the risk of decreasing the population of bees and in turn hurting our food growth and agriculture output for the world. With the environment in mind, Holistody works with professional beekeepers based in the Cascadia region that practice safe and friendly beeswax farming procedures that do not hurt the bees ecosystems when harvesting beeswax. Furthermore, our beeswax vendors go on to filter and clean up the ingredient so we get the best ingredients for our products.